Product Knowledge

Air conditioning (AC) systems perform two main functions: lowering the temperature and lowering the relative humidity of a vehicle’s interior. But the system does not add cold air to the cabin – it removes heat!

A properly functioning battery is indispensable to the operation of a vehicle. It supplies power to the starter and ignition system in order to start the vehicle.

On average, a driver applies the brakes 40 times in an eight kilometre trip. For every 20,000 kilometres driven, a driver could apply the brakes approximately 100,000 times!

Many vehicle owners don’t even realize that they have a cabin air filter, much less if it ever needs to be replaced. However, cabin air filters provide a very important service to drivers and passengers in this age of increasing global pollution

The muffler is probably the most recognizable component of the exhaust system. However the exhaust system is much more than just a muffler.

Filters are designed to keep harmful particles from vehicle systems, helping to ensure long-lasting performance by keeping engine parts clean.

At Mazda, maintenance goes beyond oil changes and tire rotation. Regular 8,000 kilometre/4 month maintenance intervals ensure key parts are inspected (and replaced as required) to protect a vehicle against safety and performance issues that develop as a result of daily driving conditions.

Vehicle safety depends on the interaction of your tires, brakes and suspension components. A driver’s ability to steer and brake depends on having firm contact between the vehicle’s tires and the road.

There’s a reason why most consumers take their tire purchases very seriously, including kicking the tires they are considering for their vehicle. Tires connect the vehicle to the road, and can have a huge effect on the performance of the vehicle.

Properly functioning wiper blades give drivers a clear view of the road during poor weather conditions. Since the blades are made of rubber (like tires), they can deteriorate over time, becoming hard and brittle with lack of use, or wearing out through normal use.