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Mazda: A Carbon Fiber Chassis


 mazda chassis

Carbon fiber is a material composed of various layers of fibrous fabric and resin. It is stronger than steel but lighter than aluminum. While it was once primarily used by the military, it is now a material found in several industries, including the automotive industry. In fact, all manufacturers of exotic cars use carbon fiber.

This material is also beginning to appear in mainstream brands, where it is used for decorative trim and some performance elements. The properties of carbon fiber are impressive, but it is an expensive material to manufacture. Some carbon fiber elements found on exotic cars cost as much, if not more, than an entire mainstream vehicle. This is why its use is still very limited for the majority of manufacturers.

Significant Potential

Mazda is a manufacturer that has always shown boldness and imagination in the design of its cars. The brand stands somewhat apart as a result.

The Japanese manufacturer could therefore use carbon fiber for the chassis of the next generation of MX-5. This is not the most powerful car on the market, but it has always been appreciated for its incredible power-to-weight ratio. It has built a solid reputation in this regard since its introduction to the market over 30 years ago.

Mazda recently filed a patent showing what appears to be a carbon fiber chassis. The only slight downside is that the chassis plans show a 4-door vehicle, which means there is little chance it is related to the MX-5 here. In fact, the patent images show a vehicle that looks remarkably like the Mazda 3. This could significantly reduce the weight of the car while increasing its safety aspect.

In the patent report, there is also a plan showing a new form of carbon fiber where the different layers are not stacked in the same direction, which should create an even stronger material.

Mazda has always been forward-thinking. Who knows, perhaps the Japanese manufacturer has finally found a way to produce carbon fiber at a reasonable price, and we will see this material in the majority of its vehicles in the coming years.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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