Mazda Connect Navigation System

To plan a route to an address press navigation on the home screen

Navigation icons will come up on the bottom of the Screen.


To plan a route to an address press navigation on the commander control

When you roll over an icon a label appears

1) Select new destination and then select find address

By default the navigation system detects your country and city location

Select country City or postal code to change the destination location

2) Enter the street name and then enter the address number then complete your destination entry confirm the destination entry or press back to return to and edit your destination entry.

Choose start to begin your directions

To plan a route to an address using your voice

Press the talk button.

When you hear the tone you can say, for example, “navigate to new address”

SAY the full address for your destination – for example
1060 Yates Street Victoria BC

SAY “Line 1” if the address is correct.

The navigation system will start with verbal instructions and on-screen directions.

For safety reasons you should always plan on a route before you start driving.

Video Walkthrough